Silk Screen Biz
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Fraudulent Customers

On July 26th 2011, the person below placed an order through PayPal for a button making system through our sister website -

After shipping the equipment to the customer, the transaction bounced. After repeated attempts to receive the payment or receive the button machine back, we have been unsuccessful. When we call Henderson, he answers the phone and as soon as we mention we are from, he hangs up. Be very careful about doing business with this person.

   Henderson Wilborn II
   5063 Gull Road
   Suite 103
   Memphis, TN 38109
   United States
  Phone: 901-502-4555

The button system was shipped to:
   Adrian Austin
   The Sapphire Group
   3592 Millard Road
   Memphis, TN 38109


On February 24, 2006, the customer below purchased a Package #1 through PayPal. On April 7, this person reversed the charges. They received the equipment and after repeated attempts, we could not contact them. They received equipment for free. Beware of this person and this company.

Spraymasters or Spray Masters
Michael Sokolinski or Mike Sokolinski
615 S Outer DR
Wilmington, IL 60481

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