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Dear Bob,

I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for all your help and efforts in seeing that all the things that need to come together did!  I was able to print the 500 shirts and dry them using a combination of the flash dryer and the conveyor dryer. After which, I ran them ALL through the conveyor dryer one last time to ensure that the ink was cured. I delivered the shirts this morning and they loved them. I was able to print and dry these 500 shirts in under 4 hours!

I was printing white on dark colored shirts as well as red shirts (fears of ink turning pink!!!) no problem AT ALL! I screened them, flashed them, screened them, flashed them, if they needed it screened them again and then put them on the conveyor and let them go. The conveyor dryer was a life saver!! I highly recommend that ANYONE that buys one of your packages, spend a little more and get the conveyor dryer.....they will NOT be sorry! The platens were just like they should have been and by using the spray adhesive there was no problem with the shirts "lifting" off the platen. The "multi adjusting" printer head made it "almost too easy" to make sure that the screen/platen alignment was right. It is easy to tell that a lot of thought and effort has gone into the design and making of this equipment. I would like to also add that the ease of assembly is amazing. To look at it you would think that you would need to be an engineer to have success putting this together. NOT SO. With your assistance and photos from the internet and video, it was a snap.

Again, thanks for helping me be able to do something that I have wanted to do for over 15 years. Screen print!!!! I would never have been able to do this if I had to buy the equipment from some of the other sources. I have checked locally (in Memphis, TN) and on the internet, your deals are by far the BEST!! The question of why pay more always comes to their equipment better? Will it last longer? Is it sturdier? etc..etc.. After having used your EZ-Tech equipment the answer to ALL these questions is NO! I have played with some of the "Big Boys" equipment (Workhorse) I have seen their dryers and printers in action and even got to use them. There is not a nickels worth of difference between the two. There is a whole lot of difference in the pricing. What are you getting for your money? Customer service, how much easier can it be than to call and talk to you on the phone? If you call the other guys you will get someone reading from a book or brochure. With you you get a guy that not only uses the equipment, but designed and made the equipment. For my money that in itself is worth a lot.

I can go on and on...I already have.! If you need a reference or if you have someone kinda unsure of having the stuff shipped across the country, tell them to give me a call. I will be more than happy to ease their minds. I too had second and third thought about ordering this from someone in CA. Me in TN and not knowing anything about you. This could have easily been a scam job.  If anyone is serious about screen printing, this is the way to go!

Thank You,
Memphis, TN

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