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Why is Package #1 so popular?

How many businesses can you start for less than $1,000?  Our equipment will give you the opportunity to start your own, self-sufficient business.  Many entrepreneurs invest thousands of dollars in screen printing machines that work the same as the less expensive machines.  You are not limited to one-color with our machine, you can print as many colors as you want.  

I receive emails on a daily basis from people wanting to start their own home business.  The problem is they can't afford the initial investment needed to get started. Well here it is!  Everything you need to start printing t-shirts professionally at home. You can print t-shirts, sweatshirts, and many other items!

Many parents buy this machine for their kids to use.  Granted, you will have to learn some simple skills in order to operate this machine effectively, but it is something a teenager can operate.  The flash dryer and printing press are self-contained in one area.  After watching the video included with our package, you can be printing t-shirts for businesses or clubs in your area. 

With other screen printing machines, it takes a 10' x 10' room in order to operate comfortably.  This machine can be operated in a spare bedroom or space in the garage.  All you need is a sturdy table to secure it to and you are set.

Because of it's size, shape, and weight, this package is perfect for fairs, conventions, and flea markets.  Many people create several designs and burn them into different screens, and when they run out of t-shirts they can print them on the spot.  It eliminates the need for a huge inventory because you can produce t-shirts when you get the orders.

Upgrade Credit
You won't get punished by starting your business with Package #1.

If you purchase Package #1, you automatically receive an upgrade credit of $500 towards the purchase of Package #2 or #3.  The only difference is we will not ship a flash dryer or supplies with the Package #2 or #3 because you will already have this equipment.  There is no expiration date for this credit.  So take your time learning the business with Package #1.

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